vegan and tastes kinda cheesy, very satisfying (bc chickpeas)

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“Kinda Cacio e pepe” with steamed broccoli

This recipe is pretty simple. And topped with fresh basil chiffonade, it is simply elegant. Cook your pasta to al dente, and in the meantime, make your sauce—in a Magic Bullet. This recipe doesn’t use vegan cheese, so you’ll rely on nutritional yeast and other flavor-boosting add-ins like garlic powder and oregano. It does, however, use chickpeas, which can be subbed out for cashews, or really any light-colored bean.

This could be great for meal prep, too! Make your sauce and stick it in the…

make your own vegan egg from scratch — no chia eggs here!

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Vegan Egg Fried Rice

The first time I heard of a vegan egg was for baking purposes: a chia egg. It’s just a tablespoon of seeds and a couple tablespoons of water — simple. But a vegan egg for fried rice, that can’t be a chia egg. I discovered vegan omelettes from The Easy Vegan on Youtube. His recipe isn’t too complex, and the omelettes turned out pretty well. However, I don’t think vegan anything can be the star of a dish unless they are very…

safe for humans to eat, of course :)

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it’s simply the best (s/o Schitt’s Creek iykyk)

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This is simply the best. (Go watch Schitt’s Creek if you haven’t already!) There’s no other way to put it. This chocolate cake recipe is a slight variation from Add a Pinch’s “The Best Chocolate Cake Recipe {Ever}.” I could not agree more with that title. I omit the coffee because I don’t enjoy the taste, but adding it is supposed to give a deeper depth of flavor.

I made this for my brother’s birthday, so I didn’t do any vegan-izing experiments! But Add a Pinch…

simple + yummy + easy

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I love cooking eggplants, because you can leave them on the heat forever and still not mess up, or at least I haven’t burnt them yet. This is a Chinese-inspired dish that is super easy and quick to make. The eggplants and leeks are fresh, and contrast with the umami tofu nuggets nicely. I got my five spice tofu from Whole Foods, by the brand Hodo. I’ve tried their curry tofu nuggets too, but prefer the five spice ones. …

recipe inspired by Joshua Weissman

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Joshua Weissman’s dreamy burger buns — veganized by yours truly! Josh’s method is a combination between a brioche and a Japanese milk bread dough, which creates what he calls the “ultimate burger bun.” I was hesitant to veganize such a perfect bun, but it worked perfectly. Plus, I used a method with homemade cashew milk, so there is no need to buy plant-based milk.

Next on my literature reading list is this, which describes a concept called Carbon Opportunity Cost. It essentially means that the land, water, feed, and…

I’m seriously impressed! Impossible!

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Two, maybe three years ago. I ate my firstImpossible burger— restaurant style. I don’t think I would have been able to tell that it was plant-based. Since going beef-free for about a year now, I’ve been so focused on beans that I forgot about the Impossible burger. My family had the Beyond burger months ago and it was not memorable. However, the Impossible burger — it’s definitely something. We also made vegan burgers, recipe coming soon!

I’m very impressed a video narrated by Pat Brown, CEO of Impossible Foods. He…

quick, simple, twenty minutes!

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Tofu, basmati rice, spinach — a simply balanced meal. Light on the spices as well, just salt, pepper, and some red pepper flakes. Of course, you can add chili oil or Sambal, but I love this dish for its simplicity and light flavors. If you don’t like dry rice like me, make sure to add more of that spinach-broth!

I’ve been making basmati rice in a ceramic pot recently, and it takes just 15 minutes! The rice cooker may be more convenient, but for some reason mine takes forever, even…

about plant-based cooking and how you can be sustainable every day

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Dear reader,

For the past many months, I’ve transformed my passion for sustainability into “Carbon-Conscious Cooking,” a plant-based cookbook.

Aligning one’s daily habits with environmentalism is exciting and empowering!

I want to share part of my learning with you, through these simple recipes. With cooking, sustainability can be delicious, too. My hope is that this cookbook inspires you to join me on a journey to be kinder to the planet.

Yours, Margaret

Read “Carbon-Conscious Cooking” for free here.

Stay tuned for more carbon-conscious recipes, coming soon!

vibrant green, red, and yellow — without the meat!

This was inspired by my previous Rajmah Chawal recipe, but sadly I have run out of cumin. No matter, because this still turned out lovely! Adding turmeric to the rice makes it more fun to eat, in my opinion. Plus it takes 15 minutes in my ceramic pot, much quicker than my 30+ minute rice cooker. Sometimes I find myself thinking of the Asian stoves that have a rice cooker button — I’d love that. I’ve been getting better at making rice without the rice cooker as a crutch! I like…

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sustainable cooking and baking

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